In every environment we’ve been in, our hair tends to get affected by it. Sun, rain, snow, wind, pollution are the main natural factors that damage hair. Also, various reasons affect hair damage which includes using specific hair products, poor diet, stress and so on. Every type of hair can experience hair damage and, in most cases, it is temporary.

Hair Damage Types

There are multiple hair damage types and here you will see the most common ones. The first one is dull and unruly hair. That kind of hair looks frizzy and easily tangled, not shining one. The reason for that look is because of the damaged cuticles. The second type is fragile hair. The reason for that one to occur is cuticle and cortex damage which can be seen due to using heat tools such as straighteners and dying hair too often. The final type is thinning hair. It is caused by damaged hair follicles. Hair loss can be seen and the hair grows slowly. Reasons behind that are chemical treatments, excessive brushing or it may be due to some genetic factors.

Avoiding Hair Damage

Although avoiding hair damage seems impossible, there are few things that can be done. For example; wearing a hat to protect hair, hydrating your hair, eating healthy to take care of your hair from the inside. Besides, drinking water is important; not only for keeping the hair hydrated but also for your all body. Not brushing your hair too often, not dying it, choosing the right hair ties for your hair, preferring air-drying instead of blow-drying, not using straighteners or curling irons too often and not washing your hair every day are some precautions to take against dull, frizzy and unhealthy hair.

Is Hair Transplant A solution to Hair Damage?

If you have just started to experience hair damage then you are at the beginning of the story. There are many things that you can do to make your hair stronger again. Hair Transplant is a solution but it is the last thing you should think about. You should see a dermatoholog first. Most probably your doctor will ask some blood tests to understand what causes the hair brakage. Then the doctor will explain you the matter and give you a to do and not to do list. If you follow the doctors advices, you will get rid of hair loss or damage problem. You already did but it did not work and you lost your hair? Then you are candidate for hair transplant. At that stage you would search for the best hair transplant doctors.

Hair Restoration is an expensive surgery and you can not get it done randomly. Hair Transplant in Turkey is the best alternative to get rid of baldness. The cost of hair transplant in Turkey is lower compared to anywhere else in the world. And Hair Transplant Turkey results are extremely good. You can contact us to get more information regarding hair loss and hair transplantation.

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