Hair Transplant for Women

Hair implants for men are a hair treatment process based on male anatomy. Get a personalized hair transplant advantage through Troy Hair.

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that can be applied for hair thinning, baldness, or other reasons. Various methods have been developed for hair transplantation in Turkey and these methods are preferred depending on the skin structure of the patient, the health status of the hair follicles, and the gender factor. It is important to consider the sparseness of the hair when performing hair transplant for women. While baldness in men occurs due to genetics or age, this may also occur in women due to hormonal conditions.

When performing hair transplantation in women, first of all, the patient’s blood tests are examined. Thus, the source of baldness is investigated, which may be due to anemia, hair follicle breakage, age-related hair loss, or hormonal reasons. Unlike seasonal hair loss in women, hair transplantation may be required for permanent hair loss.

Why is Hair Transplantation Necessary in Women?

Psychological factors are among the main reasons for the need for hair transplantation for women. These factors can be listed as follows:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Other conditions that may cause malnutrition

Diet plays an important role in the conditions that will require hair transplantation for women. Because there is a link between the foods consumed and hormone levels. In order for the hair to remain strong, it is important that the vitamins and blood values ​​in the body are in the normal course, as well as the correct care practices.

Just like in women, hair loss may occur in men due to hormonal reasons. Hair transplant for men area is a product of our focus on these treatment conditions in terms of gender, while offering a personalized hair transplant experience by our clinic.

Hair Transplantation Application in Women

A hair transplant for women is usually applied to the front of the hairline or to the middle of the head. Because anatomically, the nape is thicker and the sparseness of the hair occurs more in the front parts. Before applying the procedure to our female patients who come to our clinic, we perform various tests during the consultation process. Through these analyzes, we reveal the cause of hair loss and if there is no medical need, we perform the women’s forehead hair transplant procedure. As Troy Hair clinic, we apply the treatment meticulously by considering many factors and treatment possibilities in hair transplantation procedures in women.