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Troy Hair is a professional hair transplant center serving guests from all over the world by Turkey’s best plastic surgeon and hair transplant specialists. From the moment you first contacted us, we share the most reliable and accurate information about hair transplantation,

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We Provide Top Quality Hair Transplant Services In Turkey.

Experience life-changing results with our state-of-the-art hair transplant procedures in Turkey. Our highly-skilled and experienced team of specialists utilizes the latest techniques to ensure natural, long-lasting outcomes. Enjoy world-class service and affordable prices, all within the comfort of our modern and luxurious facilities. Trust Troy Hair to help you regain your confidence and achieve the hair you’ve always dreamed of.

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Why Turkey Is The Best Choice For Hair Transplant?

Looking for a high-quality, affordable hair transplant? Look no further than Turkey! Here at, we’re proud to offer top-notch hair restoration services that combine cutting-edge technology, skilled surgeons, and personalized care.

  • Experienced Surgeons and Staff
  • Highest Technology and Equipments
  • Latest Techniques
  • Professional Services
  • Natural Looking Results
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Discover frequently asked questions about Troy Hair’s wide range of services and professional expertise.

Nowadays, hair loss sufferers from all over the world come to Turkey for hair transplant surgery. It is estimated that more than 1 million patients come to Turkey for hair transplants every year. There are several reasons why so many hair loss patients are travelling to Turkey for hair transplant surgery. The main reason is the low cost of hair transplants in Turkey compared to other countries. But that’s not the only reason. 

Turkiye has a great tourism infrastructure, wonderful places and beautiful nature to see, and delicious food.  Since 2010, Turkey has gained another advantage: medical tourism. Speaking of medical care, there are many fields, but Turkey is especially developed in hair transplantation. Turkish doctors are the most experienced doctors in the world when it comes to hair transplantation. Because they perform many more surgeries. The Turkish government also gives special support to the clinics to improve Turkey`s medical travel business. As a result, Turkey’ geographical location and experience of the surgeons, make Turkey very meritful destination for hair transplants.

The transplanted hair starts to grow right after the hair transplantation during the first two weeks. After 2 weeks, the transplanted hair will start to fall again. This is completely normal and expected. We call it shock loss. At this stage, many patients get worried and they contact us to ask what to do. There is nothing to worry about. You should know that the roots are inside. The fallen hair is just the part which appears on the skin. After the first month, you will almost look like you did not get hair transplant surgery. (It will be nearly the same as before the hair transplant.) After the 3rd month the hair starts to grow again. At this stage you will see the progress day by day. You will see your hair is getting longer and thicker every day. You can see 70% of the result in 6 months after the hair transplantation. And for the final result you may need to wait up to 12-14 months.

Troy Hair is Turkey’s leading hair transplant clinic with 19 years of experience. We are changing the lives of people suffering from hair loss from all over the world. We have a very different service quality as a medical clinic. Even though it is a basic standard in all medical surgeries, doctors are not joining the hair transplant surgery in most of the low cost clinics. At some clinics patients never see the face of the doctor. 

At our clinic, a highly experienced plastic surgeon makes consultations with the patients and plans the surgery. Our skilled and experienced staff prepare the patient for the surgery. And then the anesthesia expert doctor starts the surgery with anesthesia after an interview with the patient and some basic tests. Our plastic surgeon joins and manages the whole surgery. He performs the critical stages directly by himself. All our surgery rooms are well equipped with the highest technology. Each surgery room has the European Hygiene Standards of Medical Clinics. Finally the communication between us and the patient never ends after the surgery. We keep following the patient`s case in the post operation term too. This makes it possible to prevent unwanted results. We are very proud of being one of the first clinics which performed FUE hair transplant in Turkey. We are still using the latest techniques and tools to provide the best service and the result to our patients.

1. Don’t bend your head during the first three days after operation. 

2. Watch your head for ten days. Don’t hit or don’t touch your head. 

3. Be flat on the back while sleeping and don’t spin your head. 

4. Avoid even water drops or leaking to your head during the first three days after the operation. While taking a shower, just wash your body. 

5. The day after operation , the donor area and transplanted area both will be medically dressed at our clinic. 

6. We will apply a special lotion 3 days after the operation. Following the lotion appliance we will wash the hair 45 minutes later with a special shampoo. Patient will do this  action during the following ten days.

7. Please don’t take aspirin and don’t drink alcohol for ten days after the operation. 

8. After washing your head, please don’t  dry your hair with a towel. Dry your hair with a cool hair dryer. 

9. Please don’t go to the beach, swimming  pool, sauna etc. Avoid  sunlight and hot air for 15 days.  And don’t do any sports for 15 days. 

10. Do not touch or ich your hair and keep your head clean especially the donor area. 

11. Do not shave both the transplanted area and donor area during 5 months. Use only scissors.

In order to provide you with accurate and more reliable information, we will first ask you to send us photos of your balding areas and donor area. 

Our plastic surgeon who specialises in hair transplantation will evaluate the photos you send. 

In the end, how many grafts you need, how many sessions the operation will be performed and which methods will be used will be determined. 

And accordingly, we will give you a price offer. Our price offer includes the following in addition to the hair transplantation process: 

Ø Hair transplantation with FUE technique

Ø 2 or 3 nights of hotel accommodation depending on how many grafts and how many sessions you need. 

Ø Airport Pick up and Drop (For only Istanbul Airport) 

Ø Blood tests before the surgery. 

Ø Consultation with an anesthesia doctor.

Ø Sedation (Painless anesthesia)

Ø PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Ø Medicines to use at the early postoperative term. 

Ø Lotion and Shampoo to use at the early postoperative term. 

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Hair Transplant Turkey

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Dong Gi, Kim

South Korea

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

I had great experience wşth Troy Hair in 2021 June. I got my hairline redesigned and improved the density on the top area. Result is amazing. Once again thank you guys for everything.

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Ahmad Al Juher

Saudi Arabia

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

I contacted more than 10 hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Troy Hair gave me the most detailed and accurate answers. The clinic is in the city center and all team members are very kind. I will go for my second session next year.

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Francis Audesirk


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

I was scared before the surgery. But I did not feel any pain. I am nearly 60 now but many people say I look 40 after my hair transplant in Turkey. This makes me feel good 🙂 But my wife does not like it haha

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