Hair Transplant for Men

Hair implants for men are a hair treatment process based on male anatomy. Get a personalized hair transplant advantage through Troy Hair.

Hair transplantation for men, which can also be expressed as hair implants for men, can occur due to genetic factors as well as hormonal or age-related. It is possible to say that half of men have to face the problem of baldness. Likewise, sparseness in beards requires a beard transplant, which is in the category of hair implants for men.

Traumatic injuries and medical problems can also be shown as reasons for hair transplantation for men. Hair transplantation is a procedure that is frequently preferred by men, and this surgical operation can be performed both for aesthetic reasons and for different reasons. The absence of hair formation on certain parts of the face or scalp, especially as a result of traumatic injuries, is an example of hair transplantation procedures that are treated by imitating the original form of the hair and not performed for aesthetic purposes.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed in Men?

Hair transplantation in men is performed using classical hair transplantation techniques and mentality. Although there may be variability depending on the method used, usually the entire hair is scraped and the transplantation process of the area suffering from baldness is carried out by means of hair follicles taken from the donor areas, such as the nape, which are the source of bushy and healthy grafts.

Hair Transplantation Techniques for Men

Various preparations should be made before and after hair transplant for men process, and the scalp should be prepared to have the most suitable form for the hair transplant process. In addition, as Troy Hair, we provide detailed information about what needs to be done after the hair implants for men procedure so that our patients who have hair transplantation treatment in our clinic can get the most accurate treatment. The techniques we use for hair transplantation in men are as follows:

  • DHI
  • FUE
  • Sapphire FUE

We apply these techniques individually or by adapting them according to the situations of our clients, and we offer the best possible hair implants for men in Turkey service for our patients.     

As in men, hair loss in women is a condition that can occur frequently. However, the hair transplant for women process is applied for various reasons, usually psychological. In addition, hair loss or baldness problems caused by hormones in women differ from men.