Hair Transplant Before and After

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The hair transplantation process is carried out in order to ensure that the patient undergoes the treatment in the most hygienic conditions and that the results obtained from the treatment are more successful. As Troy Hair, we provide treatment in completely hygienic conditions, using sterile devices and tools, and most importantly, working with specialist doctors in order to eliminate the possibility of infection in hair transplantation processes performed in our clinic.

Our surgeon is involved in all of the procedures performed in our clinic, so that complications that may arise during or after the treatment can be predicted. In the process before hair transplantation, the hair is scraped and the washing process is carried out in order to make the scalp hygienic. After the sterilization of the scalp, our patients are prepared for the procedure and then local anesthesia is applied to the area to be transplanted.

Hair transplant Turkey results are extremely important in terms of getting through the before and after hair transplant process. More than 3,000 people in Turkey receive hair transplant treatment every day and are satisfied with the results.

Before The Hair Transplantation Process

The hair transplantation process begins with the removal of the grafts from the donor area and ends with the completion of the transplantation of the grafts. In the before part of the hair transplant before and after process, appropriate sterilization processes are carried out in order to ensure that the process required for hair transplantation can be operated correctly. Depending on the methods used in hair transplantation, there may be changes in the steps of hair transplant before and after.

One of the factors that determines the duration of the treatment is from which donor area the graft required for the transplantation process will be removed. We aim to provide the best possible treatment conditions for our patients in the practices we perform in our clinic.

After The Hair Transplantation Process

In the after part of the hair transplant before and after process, pain relief medication is applied immediately after the treatment. Because when the effect of the local anesthesia applied to the patient wears off, it is possible to experience a feeling of pain in the scalp. In order to eliminate this feeling of pain, after analgesic medicine treatment is applied, the donor area from which the hair follicles of the patient is taken is bandaged and protected against the formation of infection. As Troy Hair, the situations we pay attention to in the hair transplant before and after process are as follows:

  • The patient’s diseases, if any
  • The expected outcome of the treatment
  • Patient’s satisfaction with the treatment process

In our clinic, we offer our patients a personalized hair transplant experience by using high-technology. You can contact us for your search for the best hair transplant center in Turkey. You can choose Troy Hair to get information about hair transplantation cost in Turkey and to get treatment at budget-friendly prices.