Beard Transplant

Beard transplant is the process of thickening sparse beards on face. Get the best beard transplant and other advantages through Troy Hair.

Beard transplant is a widely used technique in Turkey as well as hair transplant. Just like on the scalp and for various reasons, sparseness or baldness may occur in the beard. Due to psychological factors, age-related hair loss, skin disorders, and hormonal conditions, thinning occurs in the beard area. Preventing this situation has become very comfortable and easy with the treatment methods we offer in our clinic.

The techniques we offer for your Beard transplant Turkey needs are determined specifically for our patients. Graft removal and placement procedures are performed in line with the directives and wishes of our patient who is suitable for beard transplant. We carry out the whole process up to the stage of choosing the donor area, keeping in touch with our patients, and putting their needs first.

What is Beard Transplant?

A beard transplant is a treatment service that you can get for beard area, just as you can get the best hair transplant in Turkey. Beard transplant is applied to make the beard thicker or to close the regional gaps in the beard area. The order of operations is as follows:

  • Preparation of grafts
  • Creation of regional holes
  • Placement of grafts

After the beard transplant, various steps should be followed, such as avoiding caffeinated beverages, avoiding blood thinners or continuing to use them under the supervision of a doctor, and moisturizing the operation area.

The DHI hair transplant technique allows the hair follicle grafting process to be carried out seamlessly with the Choi Pen and enables hair transplantation treatment without the formation of surgical scars. It is a very suitable technique for transplanting operations in highly visible areas such as beards.  

After the Beard Transplant Process

We provide instructions for our patients to properly care for the operation site after the beard transplant procedure. Immediately after the operation, we ensure that the treatment process becomes more comfortable with painkillers and antibiotics if necessary. The beard transplant process is completed after approximately 15 days. The healing process takes between 6 months and 1 year, as in the hair transplant process. You can contact Troy Hair for detailed information about beard transplant costs and the process.