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A leading provider of hair transplant services and hair care products, helping individuals regain confidence in their hair and themselves.

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At Troy Hair Transplant Clinic?

People who are suffering from hair loss searching for Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic on internet. Among all of Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic, Troy Hair is one of leading clinics in the fields of cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey.

Modern surgical rooms equipped with high technology and the latest hair restoration and transplantation techniques, the corporate culture adopted, professional and administrative team, Troy Hair is a leading clinic with an experienced team in Turkey in the filed of Hair Transplantation.


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Why Troy Hair Transplant Clinic?

1- 15 years experienced plastic surgeon is taking the whole responsibility of the surgery and the result. Our plastic surgeon makes the face-to-face consultation with all patients, he manages and he joins all hair transplant surgeries.

2- Hair Transplant surgery is performed under local anesthesia. In most of other clinics, just a technician applies the same anesthesia for any patient. However at our clinic, anesthesia expert doctor applies the anesthesia according to each patient`s age, healt condition, weight, height and etc. Anesthesia expert keeps monitoring the operation to prevent ant unexpected situation.

3- Some patients may be very sensitive to the needles. Our anesthesia expert doctor, applies sedation to make the patient feel more comfortable and relaxed before the local anesthesia. Thanks to sedation, the patient even does not feel the local anesthesia needles too. 

4- All our surgery rooms are well equippied with and 100% compatible with Ministry of Health regulations and European Health Standards. Our surgery rooms and all equipments are ultra hygenic to protect you from any kind of infection.

5- Our staff is also very experienced. Hair transplantation is a team-work. We are hiring only the best team members when it comes to skill and experience. Team harmony is also very important. Each of our staff has been working with us for at least 5 years and they got a great harmony.

6- We do not see our patients as a customer. Because we are not traders. We are a medical clinic and each patient is unique and important for us. Our aim is to make every patient feel happy and satisfied.

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Experience significant savings on hair transplant services with Troy Hair’s discount plans, which offer up to 40% off without compromising on quality or results.

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