Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant cost is affordable in Turkey and the quality provided is high. Get a hair transplant in Turkey by taking advantage of Troy Hair.

The price of a hair transplant is extremely affordable in Turkey and the hair transplant experience you can get in Turkey is of the highest quality. While answering the “How are the prices of hair transplantation procedures determined?”  question, it is necessary to ignore Turkey’s economic conditions and focus on how pricing is done in a professional hair transplant procedure. The hair transplant cost primarily varies depending on how many grafts are used. Because the graft is taken according to the size of the hair transplant application. An average graft consists of 3-6 hair follicles and its price is 2-3 Turkish Liras. Pricing of the whole process corresponds to a cost between 2000-5000 Euros.

Factors in Hair Transplant Cost

Other factors that are important in hair transplant cost are:

  • Expertise of the doctor performing the procedure
  • Advantages covered by the Hair Transplant Service package
  • Preferred hair transplant procedure

Hair transplantation prices vary depending on the conditions mentioned above, and in treatment planning, preferences are made according to the most suitable treatment options for our patients, rather than the price.

Just like in hair transplantation, the beard transplant procedure, which is applied due to baldness or sparseness in the beard, is an area that is highly important and frequently preferred in the conditions of Turkey. In terms of pricing, a budget-friendly principle is followed as in hair transplantation.

Affordable Price and High Hair Transplant Success Rate

Pricing for a professionally performed hair transplant procedure also depends on the expenses of the hair transplant clinic. Because, in order to perform the hair transplantation process professionally, it is necessary to perform the procedure by doctors who have been approved by the Ministry of Health and who are experts in the field of plastic surgeons.

Since the hygiene conditions of the clinic greatly affect the risk of infection after hair transplantation, it also affects the success rate of the procedure. In short, the monetary value of everything, from the salary of the specialist in the field to the tools used, finds a place for themselves in the pricing of a hair transplant procedure. With Troy hair transplant services, it is possible to get an affordable and superior quality hair transplant experience.