This technique is used for patients who suffer from excessive hair loss. Stem cells are placed under the skin and they are responsible for healing and repairing tissues. Stem cell hair transplant is different from other techniques because that technology is designed to use the patient’s own stem cells and with this procedure, the stem cells are injected into the hair follicles by microinjections.

People who have seen no benefit from medical treatment of hair loss, who do not want to have a surgical hair transplant or people who experience excessive hair loss both on the head and on the face and want to get rid of this situation can have stem cell hair transplant. This technique offers seamless fast recovery and according to researches, the stem cell can regenerate missing hair follicles and reverse hair loss before they die.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant IçStem Cell Hair Transplant Procedure

During the treatment, hair follicle parts are extracted and the cells that were taken from the scalp divide and renew themselves. They help repair damaged tissues in the body. This procedure is applied with the help of the centrifugation of the cells so that they will be purified and injected to the hair stems easily. It does not need stitches when a small hole is cut on the patients’ scalp and it can heal naturally. The patient can return home the same day after the operation. One of the main advantages of stem cell hair transplant procedure is that the grafts taken from the back of the head are much smaller compared to other hair transplantation techniques.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant Results

This is a process for patients who suffer from hair loss to regain their confidence and to maintain their dense, natural hair look with minimal side effects. In the end, your natural hair can renew your roots, you can achieve permanent transplantation results and you will be preventing the baldness which is the main aim of the hair transplantation process. Stem cell hair transplant results serve a painless solution to baldness with revolutionary hair transplantation in the industry. The final result will be seen in nine months in which a full hair growth cycle is completed.


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