Hair transplant is a medical aesthetic application to restore lost or diluted hair. Hair transplantation, which is the process of transferring the tissue taken from the person to another point, is widely applied in the world and in our country. Hair analysis is a necessity before the hair transplantation. Thinning of the hair and hair loss in the form of regression of the front hair line in men and women, hormonal causes and may develop due to certain diseases. However, all people who suffer from hair loss cannot be suitable for hair implants. In order to determine if an operation is needed, professionals prefer the hair analysis. 

Hair Analysis IçThe Importance of Haır Analysis 

Hair analysis definition is is a screening tool that diagnoses hair problems. The reason for hair loss, type, quality, frequency; expose scalp problems, diseases and deficiencies. The hair is examined under a microscope and supported by blood tests in the laboratory. Hair analysis can diagnose a variety of hair diseases, from systematic to dermatological disorders. Hair analysis test for hair loss is a requirement. People suffering from hair loss should first go through a health check to see if there are any health problems that cause hair loss. In case of health problems that may cause hair loss such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies and hormonal problems, treatment should be applied first. After the hair analysis and such treatments, If the shedding continues after the necessary treatments are applied or if the hair cannot be cured, hair transplantation can be done. For this reason, hair transplantation problem can be applied to all individuals older than 22 years of age.

Everybody needs a hair analysis. Because It is almost impossible to diagnose hair disease at home if there is no excessive shedding. Therefore, the way to determine whether the hair is healthy is through the analysis of hair. The analysis begins with the patient’s history of the hair problem. After evaluating the history of the disease, it continues with physical examination. Diagnosis is reached by following various pathways of the findings obtained in physical examination and the treatment of the disease is determined.  In the analysis proces, some hair analysis machines can be used. 

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