At Troy Hair, your safety comes first to us. We understand very well the anxiety and concern when it comes to hair transplant in Turkey during COVID 19. Therefore, we would like to assure you that we will not avoid any measures to serve you in the most sterile environments. We closely follow the developments related to COVID-19. With this article, we aim to convey to you how we take current measures and how we can manage this process in the best way.

As Troy Hair, we take every precaution regarding sterilization, disinfection and general clinical hygiene to ensure that our patients and employees are in a clean and safe environment. We are aware that despite the difficult situations experienced at the international level, our patients are still concerned about hair loss and scalp health. For this reason, our hair transplantation and hair treatment services provided by our clinic will continue to be carried out for our valued patients. Considering this situation, we want you, to know the steps we have taken as part of our ongoing fight against COVID-19.

Some of the precautions we take to provide you with the safest treatment are as follows:

Disease Symptoms

Before making the appointment, patients will be asked if they have the following symptoms:

Are you experiencing upper respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath?

Have you had a sore throat, headache, and a lack of smell or taste?

Patients who come to our clinic for hair transplant in Turkey during covid 19 will be asked a series of questions about their symptoms, their fever will be measured and they will be asked to wear a mask. If the patients do not show the symptoms specified, their appointments will be finalized. If patients show even one of the symptoms, they will be given a mask and encouraged to follow up on their symptoms and seek medical attention at home.

If a patient is deemed to be in a high-risk category, our online consultation option will come into play.

Use of Masks and Gloves in the Clinic

Disposable masks and gloves will be given to each doctor and healthcare professional at the beginning of the procedure. These masks and gloves will be worn during the procedure.

Masks should always be positioned to cover the nose and chin.

Hand hygiene should be maintained before and after touching your mask and surgical gloves.

Your mask should be stored in a clean and dry place while eating or drinking.

There will be no eating or drinking within 6 meters of another person in patient care areas, whether they are masked or not.

Number of Patients and Visitors

Visit to our clinic is currently limited to one visitor per patient per day. By answering some questions, our visitors will be examined, their fever will be checked and they will be asked to wear a mask. Most of the time, you will be the only patient in the waiting area or another room. In addition, we removed various items from these locations, such as magazines and newspapers that cannot be sterilized and could potentially pose a virus hazard. However, we request that patients strictly limit or eliminate the number of guests who can accompany their appointments. Such additional measures have been decided by our clinic to reduce the flow of patients and visits.

Sterilization of Our Clinic

As always, we follow intensive sterilization and infection control protocols closely. For this reason, it has been decided that everyone who comes to our clinic for hair transplantation procedure or consultation will be given a mask and gloves at the entrance. Those who have had the opportunity to visit our clinic before, know that we are obsessively conducting studies to protect our goal of the cleanest and most hygienic hair transplant clinic. For this reason, we have been carrying out our special studies for medical facility cleaning for years.

Our hair transplant rooms are always cleaned with hepa filters like a classical operating room. Thanks to its technical features, Hepa Filters can clean all the air in the room, including microorganisms, within 2-3 minutes. In this way, our medical team and our patient can always breathe clean air in the operating room.

Secondly, there are Ultraviolet C lamps in our hair transplant rooms. Once the operations are completed, the lamps are turned on. These lamps have a lethal effect against microorganisms (microbes) and they clean our hair transplant rooms until the next operation.

In addition to these, the entire hair transplantation unit, including disinfectant fluids and operation surfaces, is cleaned at the end of each operation.

Hand disinfectant areas are located at all entry points and within patient care areas. In order to minimize risks, in addition to standard aftercare and overnight cleaning protocols, we continuously disinfect waiting areas, doors, equipment and procedure rooms in our clinic.

Physical Contact Rule

A warm welcome and handshake is an important part of our culture. Unfortunately, we have to reduce contact to zero for a while. As Troy Hair, we are working to have the most reliable, cleanest and most hygienic service for those who come to get hair transplant inTurkey during Covid 19. Therefore, for a short time, we will show our respect to you with words, not physical contact.

Our Medical Team

Regardless of position, if one of our colleagues is showing symptoms of COVID-19, he/she will be asked not to come to work until the quarantine period is over. In addition, we enabled our office workers who dot provide health services directly, to work from home.

As Troy Hair

We will persistently continue to take the necessary measures for you. In addition to providing remote appointments, follow-up and post-procedure consultation via the “Online Consultation Form“, we will also provide you face-to-face appointments. Thanks to the measures we have taken, there is no reason to worry about the safety of our patients or our healthcare team. Do not doubt that we will ensure the safety of you and our employees by taking correct and appropriate measures. The health and safety of you, our employees and our society in general is the priority of our clinic. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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