Hair plugs for men is actually a form of hair transplant. But hair transplant surgeons do not preffer to use it nowadays ince it is an old technique. We introduce hair plugs for men in this article.

Historical Development of Hair Plugs For Men

Hair plugs was a tecnique which the surgeons used between 1950s and 2000s. In the hair loss culture, hair plugs have become a kind of misnomer. In the past, surgeons had cut a part of the donor area and then moved that part to the hairless areas. For example, they cut a part like 15cm X 2 cm and removed it from the donor area. And then they had cut it again to smaller pieces like 0.5cm X 0.5cm.

The results of this technique were quite far away from looking natural. Because in 1 cm2 we nearly have 100 – 150 grafts of hair. Half of it makes around 70 grafts in 0.5 cm2.  So they patched these small parts to the hairless areas. Angle of each hair and the density was same per blocks. And this was the main reason of the unnatural results. It is very interesting to see that surgeons had used this technqiue nearly for 50 yeards.

Hair Plugs For Men

After 50 years they invented a new technique and named it as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). Many surgeons had used this new technique for around 10 years. And then finally surgeons discovered the latest techniqe, FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction.)

More recently, it is actually just a incomprehensibility. Because, no surgeon uses hair plugs anymore. As a result, when somebody says hair plugs he actually means fue hair transplant. This new technique made it possible to extract the hair grafts one by one from the donor area. And then they transplant it to the hairless areas one by one. Turkey is the most popular destination for hair transplants. Here you can see detailed information about Hair Transplant in Turkey.

Hair Plugs vs Hair Transplant

There are a different terminology about hair transplant, hair implant and hair plug for men. Hair transplant is a procedure in which hair implants (or plugs) are transplanted from one area of the scalp (donor site) to the other (recipient site). With the development of technology, hair transplant success rate has significantly increased. Many patients satissfy hair transplant results nowaydas. Hair implant is the hair that which we extract and transplant, either in the form of a strip or single units. Finally, hair plug is a type of implant. The plug has traditionally been rounded, containing one to eight hair units. The “plug” is a strip or single component more recently, and is more commonly referred to as an implant.

Hair Plugs Vs Fue

Methods of Hair Plugs for Men

Hair plugs were still the important choice and it has two main method: Punch graft and mini or micro technique. The punch removed a hair-bearing skin cylinder that usually contains 12 to 30 hairs everywhere. Then they place the hair cylinder inside the recipient area in a punched area.

May surgeons had used this hair transplant method for more than 20 years. But honestly the results were not good and natural. In micro/ macro method, both of these types of graft involved cutting from the donor region a thin strip of skin. The removal area is then stitched or stapled and there is a thin stain. Like in hair transplant recovery, patients need rest after the plug surgery. If you want to know about hair plugs for men, you can easily communicate with us. You can get into tuch Troy Hair via e-mail or telephone. Or you can take a look at our social media accounts like instagram or youtube.

Results of Hair Plugs For Men

You can see a couple of results of hair transplantation below. For more photos and videos you can take a look at Hair Transplant Turkey Results page. We strongly recommend you to watch the before & after videos of our patients on our youtube channel.

Hair Plugs For Men Result

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