It can be said that the success rate of hair transplant is determined by the quality of the doctor and the suitability of the patient. After a proper diagnosis of the scalp and the reasons are determined behind hair loss, the doctor decides the needs of the patient. If the place of the front headline is suitable, the thickness of the donor area is at the desired level; it means that transplantation can be performed. If the condition of the patient is good enough to perform the operation, the success rate would be higher than 90%.

The Factors for a Successful Hair Transplant

The operation should be handled with care after deciding that a patient is suitable for the process. As well as the experience of the doctor, the factors for a successful hair transplant include deciding which follicles will be harvested and which ones will stay, the technique of canal opening on the scalp, the area in between the harvested follicles and the remaining ones. All of those factors can be named under the branch of choosing the right technique to perform the surgery. The main point here is to keep the grafts fresh and make them adapt to the new area on the scalp.

The most important point is the skill of the surgeon and the experience of the team. A plastic surgeon who is also a member of ISHRS can get great hair transplant results. If the surgeon is using the right techniqe, then the success rate of hair transplant gets higher.

Desired Results of Hair Transplant

When a successful hair transplant surgery is performed, it is likely to get the desired results of the hair transplant process. When choosing a hair transplant clinic, it is important to demand from them the before and after pictures of patients who had a hair transplant to see if it worked fine with them. Every graft planted may grow differently in each individual and patients should be patient about the process and take care of their scalp health as much as possible to get desired results. 

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