Today, hair loss that mostly affects men is one of the biggest aesthetic problems. Considering that most people who use anti-hair loss shampoos do not have a positive effect, hair transplantation is known as the only method that works rather than an alternative option. People who suffer from hair loss may feel fear abour hair transplant recovery processes. In this article, we mention about hair transplant procedures and its healing process. 

Hair transplantation is called aesthetic operation which is done for people who lost their hair due to any factor (genetics, disease, old age) and targeted to regain healthy hair in the area where the hair loss occurs. Hair transplantation is not as abrasive as it is feared

Hair Transplant Recovery IçWhat To Do in Hair Transplant Recovery Process? 

Nowadays, hair transplant success rate is dramaticly increased because of technological development. Advancement of the technique reduces hair transplant side effects. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about it. Nevertheless, we think that only if you know about it will reduce your concerns. 

Follicles are planted in the hair transplant operation, not the hair strands, but the skin pieces of the grafts fall one week and 10 days after the operation, and the hair strands fall in the form of cut hair after 3-4 weeks. The aim is the transfer of hair-producing follicles. October patient should be informed about these issues before the operation. The patient, who is adequately informed, does not panic and stress when encountering these events. Because these events are inherent in planting hair.

In the hair transplant recovery process, it can be annoying to wait for hair to grow after planting, but it is a natural process to grow hair strands after planting and it starts after an average of three months. A strand of hair grows 0.05 cm a day, 0.5 cm a day in 10 days, and 1.5 cm a month. Therefore, it can take up to 8-10 months to obtain the result after sowing, sometimes it may take up to one year. So, you can make sure that the patient who experience hair transplant has completed this process while reading hair transplant reviews. 

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