Using the latest methods and technologies in regenerative medicine for hair loss, stem cell hair restoration is revolutionary in the treatment of baldness. Stem cell hair transplantation treatment is a natural treatment for baldness where the stem cells in the patient’s own body are used to stimulate and renew new hair growth. Stem cell research has shown that stem cell technology for hair growth is an effective and permanent treatment for baldness and hair loss. Stem cells, no matter what kind, are small potential packages that our bodies use when they need to create new cells like bone, blood, brain, nerve, organ, cartilage, and more. Stem cells have the ability to proliferate, to transform into other tissue cells, and to be choked.

Stem Cell Hair Restoration IçInformation About Stem Cell Hair Restoration

Stem cell hair transplantation treatment begins with the use of the patient’s own fat stem cells. Fat stem cells are naturally stored in fat, which is located just below the skin. Most people, regardless of body shape – whether they are thin or fat – have plenty of fat layers in the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. Not only are fat stem cells in fat, but also a particularly strong stem cell type. These stem cells can be used in the treatment of any disease, injury or chronic condition, as well as in the treatment of baldness, hair growth, strengthening weak hair or triggering new hair growth. Therefore, such cells are utilized in the treatment. Stem cell hair growth results has proven the success of the technique.  Particularly, stem cell therapy for hair loss side effect is very little compared to other methods.

Results of Stem Cell Hair Restoration

Medical data suggest that adipose (fatty) stem cell-based baldness treatment is largely successful for both rapid and prolonged hair growth. The effects of treatment are permanent, long-term and surprising. All stem cells used in the treatment of hair loss are taken from the patient himself and given to him again (autologous) eliminates the risk of rejection. These are not stem cells from any source, such as donor or cord blood. Stem cell therapy begins to promote natural hair growth in as little as 2-3 months and shows significant growth for a year. On average, those who have received stem cell hair treatment achieve the most significant results after 6 months of treatment. Stem cell hair transplant in Turkey is quite preferred for these reasons.

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