Robotic Hair transplant surgery is a solution for people who are suffering from alopecia. The Artas system has a special image-guided robotic arm that was developed with specialized hair transplant physicians. This system is clinically proven and provides a permanent solution. However, modern transplant including Artas technology has some limitations. One of them is the obligation of having black or brown straight hair. So, this technique is kind of unfortunate for blondes or curly ones otherwise the robotic system might not function properly.

Robotic Hair Transplant Procedure

During the Robotic Hair Transplant Procedure, the client will be seated and the special medical team will apply local anesthesia to the desired area. The first thing the system does is selecting the best hair follicles for harvesting. Later, the customized hairline is determined and under the observation of a supervisor, the hair transplanted robotically or manually into the needed areas. After around 6 months the strong and permanent hair will start to grow and the client will reach the desired natural look. This procedure is conducted by robotic arms but the rest of the process is the same as FUE transplant.

Robotic Hair Transplant Iç

Robotic Hair Transplant vs FUE Hair Transplant

Robotic Hair Transplant was developed with artificial intelligence and unlike other transplant procedures, it serves a no stich process without any side effects and with shorter recovery results. Generally, there is a misconception about robotic hair transplant being better than other surgical methods, however, it is proven that people who desperately think like that say that anything new would be more technological and would be better. In some cases, this may be true but in this case, the human factor is crucial as both procedures require experts to apply. The robot can assist the procedure however, the key factor of efficient hair transplant is the medical team that has knowledge, experience and professional skills.

The most obvious comparison between them is wound sizes. Manual FUE hair transplant can be made more naturally and it won’t be symmetrical and artificial as a robotic transplant. The reason for that is surgeons using micro drills on the process. Because FUE is a hard manual process to be mastered, the robot is expected to make FUE much faster for both doctor and the patient.

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