Hair restoration is a procedure done individually and per graft. It means that according to the area that needs to be hair grown on the head, the number of grafts used should be calculated and the hair restoration cost would be determined by this number. According to the number of roots of the clients, the process might take a longer or shorter time. While some clinic centers determine a certain cost policy, some choose to determine specifically for the individual. Also, the more people want some qualified work, the more the price would rise.

Hair Restoration Cost in Turkey

The number of hair restoration clinics have increased significantly in the past years. There is a common sense that the more a clinic is placed on the central position of a country, the more price would rise with it and this is actually a true statement. However, hair restoration costs in Turkey, compared to other countries is much more affordable. This cost may vary according to the hair restoration process. The reason for Turkey to be that affordable is because of the administrative prices, insurance contracts and labor costs.

Hair Restoration Cost Iç

In order to determine the exact cost, you can consult your doctor or you can also find a hair transplant cost calculator online for your individual needs. In Turkey, clients are seen as unique and surgeons treat each patient considering their medical background and ethnical characteristics to ensure the best results in the hair restoration process. Don’t hesitate to ask what is in your mind in this process.

Hair Restoration Cost Extras

As well as the surgery or the procedure itself, there are some additional costs that should be considered before and after the procedure. The first thing that the clients should think of is the place of the restoration process and thinking about transportation and accommodation for it. After that, the medical team should be considered and the cost of medications such as painkillers or antibiotics should be also determined.  Another important factor going to a foreign country for any need is to have someone who knows the native language of that country as the client would want to explain what they want and a translator would make everything easier. So, hair restoration cost extras include some additional services to provide you a better surgery process.

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