Unshaven hair transplant is a quite new term. Especially in the last 5 years, the success achieved in natural-looking hair transplantation has led to the efforts to increase the comfort of the patient. Shaving-free hair transplantation is one of these studies. Before talking about this method, we have to mention why the hair is shaved and when shaving is not needed. 

This is not a problem for men who are accustomed to using their hair in short cuts, which makes hair transplantation operations more comfortable. Yet many people seek a way to hair transplant without shaving the hair. However, there are some reasons of shaving. The main reason for shaving the hair in normal operations is that the doctor and hair transplant team can see the hair follicles more easily and the mobility in the planting area is more comfortable.

How To Do Unshaven Hair Transplant

Shaving-free hair transplantation can be done in two different ways. First is regional shaving. Regional shaving 1000-1500 grafts are applied to sowing planting. Only a small part of the donor area can be shaved. Before the operation, a rectangular area measuring 10 × 5 cm from the nape is shaved. Second is fully shaved hair transplantation. Fully shaved hair transplantation is especially preferred for women with long hair and people who prefer to use their hair longer than 15-20 cm. Normal FUE hair transplant technique is also used for fully unshaved hair transplantation. Fully unshaved hair transplantation is a long-lasting and intensive operation, especially when compared to normal planting. Hair loss can occur in fully shaved hair transplantation. FUT hair transplant technique does not allow unshaved hair transplantation. In Unshaven hair transplant in Turkey, FUE method is usually done.

In fully unshaven hair transplant, operation prices are increasing. The main reason for this is that the operations require greater labor and time. These procedures are carried out carefully to perform the hair transplant, team and the doctor spent much more time and effort is reflected in the operation prices. At the same time, unshaved hair transplantation is a rare application. Not every hair transplantation center does unshaved hair transplantation. This raises prices for fully unshaven hair transplantation. So, unshaven hair transplant cost is more than others.

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