It is important to search all the sources you have as there is no such a thing as searching too much. Anytime, you may face with something new or something better. So, before getting a hair transplant, you should do a comprehensive research about where to get a hair transplant. There are many clinics out there and it might be hard to decide on which one to choose. First thing you can do is looking for the successful and experienced surgeons in that hospital or clinic. Make sure that the place you look at had patients before so that you can see the before and after pictures of others to get an idea about the process of that place.

What are the Advantages of Having a Hair Transplant in a Hospital?

Sterilization is one of the main concerns that patients want to know about. A full-fledged hospital with high standards of healthcare concept is the ideal environment for having a hair transplant. As hospitals include many different departments, each pre-operative test can be done in the hospital and the results will be fast. As patients will want to feel secure for their surgical process, their needs will be met with the equipped medical team in the hospital. This helps a lot to find an answer about where to get hair transplant. If the clinic or hospital is well equipped with latest technology, then it is most propbably a suitable place for surgery.

Quality of Hair Transplant Devices

Besides a successful medical team in the hospital, quality of the hair transplant devices are also important. High technology devices ease the operation and can shorten the surgery time. To remove the grafts, a needle or a drill is used in each surgery and they should be personalized. In the techniques like Sapphire FUE, sapphire blades are used and for DHI transplantation, a DHI implanter pen is used. In order to maintain a healthy surgery process, the devices that are going to be used should be high quality.

Get Your Hair Transplant Done at Troy Hair

As Troy Hair Transplant Clinic, we are serving our guests coming from all over the world. Pateitns are coming for hair transplant for women or hair implants for men. We are also performing beard transplant for men. We are using the latest techniqes and offering the best results. We are picking you up from Istanbul Aiport and bringing you to our clinic. After the face to face consultation you can move to the hotel which we arrange for you. You have your hair transplant done the day after you have you consultation with doctor. And then we send you back the day after the surgery. We take care everything you may need before – during – after your hair transplant in Turkey.

Contact us to get more details about your hair transplant. We will be happy to share hair transplant results of our clinic as well. You can use our online consultation tool or you can also contact us via whatsapp or e-mail.

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