Many people who suffer from hair loss think a question: how does hair transplant work? In this article, we introduce about hair transplantation and its benefits. After reading the article, you can continue research about it.

Firstly, hair transplantation is a surgical procedure to improve baldness. This techinique was invented in Japan 1930’s. After the developments of medical technology, this method became more preferable.It is a natural and permanent way to regain hair. Nowadays, many people prefer the hair transplantation to have new hair.Through hair transplantation, the patient’s own healthy hair is inserted in the hair loss regions. There is no hair loss in the area where the hair is collected. Via hair transplantation, patients regain their own hair indefinitely as if they never lost it. Our clinic which offer best hair transplant İstanbul service aims to provide the natural hair look fort he patient with a comfortable way, not a painful process. If you hesitate about the pain, you can read some hair transplant reviews of patients.

How Does Hair Transplant Work IçAnswers of The Question “ How Does Hair Transplant Work?”

 The first step in hair transplantation procedure is to determine the donor area where the grafts are to be taken. The nape and back of the ears are the donor sites with the highest quality grafts for hair transplantation. Hair roots are removed with special micromotor devices. These grafts are kept in a special solution and made quality. An experienced plastic surgeon will perform individual transplantation to the designated transplant site before the operation.

The grafts should be transplanted in accordance with the natural angle and origin of the hair follicles. In this way, the most natural appearance is obtained as a result of hair transplantation. After the operation, hair transplant side effects can be seen in the patients. However, this side effects are temporary and there is nothing to worry about it. Actually today, hair transplant success rate is very high and ıf you worked with a good doctor, everything will be fine. Already, you begin to see hair transplant results in almost six months .

If you want to more information about how does hair transplant work, you can get in touch with us. As TroyHair which provide best solutions for hair transplant Turkey to patients will be happy yo inform you about the issue.

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