When we talk about hair transplantation, men come to mind, however, women also have a great interest in hair transplantation. Many people think that hair implants for women is not done much. There may be several reasons behind hair loss in women. Some of them are not enough nutrition, stress or hormonal imbalances. Generally, women pay more attention to pyhsical view than men and so, hair loss can affect them more. At this point, many women prefer hair transplantation for female. With technological development, hair implants become suitable for women. You can see a dramatic increase in female hair transplant success rate from academic articles or papers.

Hair Implants For Women IçProcedures of Hair Implants For Women

Before the hair transplantation process, hair roots are taken from the donor area and planted in the area where the hair is shed. Sometimes hair transplantation can be intimidating for women, because it is thought that hair will be scraped off, as in the case of hair transplantation for men. However, it is not necessary to scrape the entire hair in order to remove the hair from a designated area, such as a window in the nape of the hair, and does not cause any change in appearance. Therefore, hair transplantation is frequently preferred by women. FUE hair transplant is the most preferred technique in female hair transplant at Turkey. The hair to be transplanted by FUE method is collected and planted one by one in the areas where the hair loss occurs and as a result, a beautiful aesthetic appearance appears.

Advantages of Hair Implants For Women

  • With hair transplantation, patients regain natural looking hair. Hair begins to grow again from the hairless and sparse areas.
  • Hair transplantation process is one of the methods that can be applied to ensure that the hair grows as fuller as before.
  • Hair transplantation helps patients regain their self-esteem.
  • Restoring fuller-looking hair after hair transplantation is a factor that improves the quality of life.
  • Plump hair gives people a healthy and energetic look.
  • Female hair transplant cost is not higher than the self-confidence which you will earn.

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