Hair Transplantation is performed in a hospital environment by a team of hair transplant doctors and nurses, with operations lasting approximately 4-8 hours, by transplanting the hair follicles taken from the donor area of the nape to the predetermined bald area. Age, hormones, and familial hereditary causes such as androgenic hair loss is a frequently preferred operation. People who think hair transplantation usually read hair transplant reviews before the decision. They try to understand how functional the tehcnique is from hair transplant before and after photos. However, results can be change from patient to patient accordingly doctor and clinic. In this article, we mention about hair transplant success rate. 

Hair Transplant Reviews Iç

Do not Forget When Reading the Hair Transplant Reviews

Hair transplantation has become one of the most popular health and aesthetic services of recent years. Studies on hair transplantation have a history of approximately 100 years. People had been trying to perform hair transplant operations for decades. However, because of repeated sessions, traces and long recovery time etc results were very far away from being natural and successful. All hair transplantation methods used were patch models. This patch operation was not preferred because it was far from a natural appearance and the stitch marks were apparent. With the advancing technology, the scientific world has developed the concept of follicular unit considering all these negative situations. Hair transplantation operations became much more comfortable with the concept of follicular unit in the late 90s and started to spread rapidly. So, if you have a question like is hair transplant safe, we can undoubtfully say that this operation does not carry a serious risk. It has very rare hair transplant side effects. Therefore, you can easily find positive hair transplant reviews from patients.

This development, started with FUT method and subsequently, with the FUE hair transplant technique which allows the roots to be taken one by one and offers seamless, traceless hair transplantation. There has been a significant increase in hair transplantation operations with the possibility of seamless and trackless operations.

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