Sometimes we may face a sad situation such as losing some of our hair due to health problems, sometimes genetic or age related reasons. Since the past, bushy and healthy hair has been accepted as a symbol of beauty. Prosthetic hair is one of the most successful beauty methods of today in order to avoid lack of self-confidence due to hair loss. The popularity of synthetic hair transplantation, which is one of the most preferred methods especially in the case of early baldness, is increasing day by day. Synthetic hair transplant is a long-lasting wig that will not create any artificial appearance since it will look like your own hair from the moment it is worn.

How To Do Synthetic Hair Transplantation?

Hair Micropigmentation Iç

Synthetic hair transplant in Turkey is a fairly common technique. This hair transplantation, also known as, artificial / artificial and bio fiber, is the process of transplanting the artificial hair fibers that come to the region to be transplanted without using the patient’s own hair roots in varying lengths and colors. Since this application carries an allergy risk, it is necessary to determine the suitability of the patient and make the necessary tests beforehand. Then, small sowing trials are performed with the patient at least one month apart for at least 1 month to understand how the body will react to artificial hair. Sowing can be performed if patient passes tolerance test. After the hair implant, patients can have some hair transplant side effects.

Informations About Synthetic Hair Transplantation?

In natural hair transplantation, the person’s body sees that the tissue belongs to him, and thus does not cause an immune and rejection reaction. Another important point in planting where biological or semi-biological artificial hair is used is that the sewing channel formed in the area where artificial hair is transplanted does not heal and this channel is always open and creates an ideal environment for bacteria and germs. This causes the body to produce continuous immune responses, inflammation and inevitably infection. Synthetic hair transplant result cannot be as good as natural hair transplant. Considering the synthetic hair transplant before and after results, some negative elements stands out.

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