In the modern World, most of people suffer from hair loss and want to do something to prevent this loss. Some of them use such cosmetic materials and other things because of fear of operation. Actually, there is nothing to worry about hair transplant surgery. In our article, we mention about how to do hair transplant and the process of surgery.  After finishing the reading, you will be less worried about the surgery.

Firstly, we talk about what hair transplant is. It is a medical aesthetic application to restore lost or diluted hair. Hair transplantation, which is the process of transferring the tissue taken from the person to another point, is widely applied in the world and in our country. Hair transplant success rate is really high all over the world, particularly in Turkey. There are many positive hair transplant reviews.

Before the Hair Transplant Surgery 

Hair Transplant Surgery BaşlıkA blood test is performed before the operation. In this way, possible risks are identified in advance. Sugar level, Hepatitis B, C tests are done in many points as research. If the test results are appropriate, there is no hindrance to hair transplantation. Then the hair transplantation planning is started. In order for the planning to be done correctly, the person who will do the hair transplantation should not have his hair cut. The doctor evaluates criteria such as donor area, baldness level of the person within the planning. Determines the forehead line best suited to the person’s facial features. Then the person’s hair is shaved and the patient is taken to operation. Hair transplant in Turkey usually begins like this.

After the Hair Transplant Surgery 

It is a natural reaction to experience red shells after the operation in the region where hair transplantation takes place. This problem can be corrected if the head is washed every other day. Some hair transplant side effects can be seen in this process. Within 5 days, the shell problem will disappear. Hair transplant recovery process needs really short time. Patient can go back to job after three days. Hair planted between 15 and 60 days begins to shed. The emergence of new hair and visible changes in the person starts with the 3rd month. The exact result of the process takes place between 6 and 12 months. You can observe hair transplant before and after results with your own eyes.

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