Nowadays, many people prefer hair transplant in order to regain loss hair. Most of these people are men. This situation creates an illusion. People begin to think that hair transplant is invented for male. However, female hair transplant is a common term and a lot of women choose this way to have new look. In this article, we will talk about hair transplant and female hair transplant. After finishing the reading, you can have more information about female hair implant. In the first phase, we will begin with the definition of hair transplant. Hair transplantation is the transfer of hair follicles taken from the body regions, especially the back of the head near the neck, to the area where the hair is shed. More preferred in hair transplantation are hair follicles located on the back of the head (neck).

Reasons of Female Hair Transplant 

  • Male pattern shedding seen in women: It is a type of genetic shedding that usually starts at the front hairline and upper part of the head.
  • Regional spill: Round spills that occur suddenly in any part of the head due to an acute condition or various diseases such as ringworm. If new hair formation is not observed within a year, hair transplantation can be performed.
  • Opening the front hair line: It is the case where the front forehead line is over-opened or subsequently opened.
  • Scar, burns caused by scars: After various injuries and accidents in these cases, the hair in the area where the wound or burn has lost its ability to regrow.

For the above-mentioned cases, female hair transplant success rate is high.

How To Do Female Hair Transplant 

Female Hair Transplant IçAlthough some techniques are used to shave the entire hair in male patients, this is not expected in female patients. In the region between the two ears where the hair roots are strong, a certain area is shaved and the individual roots are taken by FUE hair transplant method. The hair from the nape root is placed one by one in the sparse areas. With this method, hair transplantation cannot be understood from outside. The disadvantage of this method is that large numbers of grafts cannot be removed at one time. The maximum number of grafts that can be taken in one session is approximately 1500. If a higher number of hair follicles are needed, the hair follicle can be taken again by partial shaving at 6-month intervals. The success rate and. female hair transplant cost can change from patient to patient.

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