The number of people who prefer hair transplant İstanbul is increasing day by day. You may be wondering why people come to İstanbul for hair implant. We will explain what hair transplant is and why people come to İstanbul for this. Firstly, hair transplantation can be described as the ‘ permanent hair loss cure. ‘ In a hospital surgical setting, a hair transplant operation can be presented as; a microsurgical procedure. It is intended to restore hair growth to limited or absent growth areas of the scalp. A surgeon extracts follicles from a dense area of hair during a hair transplant, such as the back of the head, which they will call the donor area. They then insert the follicles on the affected scalp region into tiny slits.

Hair Transplant İstanbul Iç

People who think about hair transplant in İstanbul can think of it as a general explanation of hair trans. Of course there are a lots of details about the surgeon and the location. For example, the two principal hair transplant techniques are Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or ‘strip’; and Follicular Unit Excision (FUE). Each method has its own advantages and the best technique will depend on the individual patient and their particular circumstances. The main difference between the methods of FUT and FUE is the way the donor hair is extracted. During the FUT process, the surgeon extracts from the patient, usually from the back of their head, a healthy strip of hair-bearing skin.Nevertheless, FUE uses the latest Technologies to remove single follicular units from the scalp directly. We generally use the FUE technique in our clinic.

Why should I choose Hair Transplant İstanbul?

World-class care at affordable prices makes Turkey a top destination for hair transplants in Europe and the Middle East. According to some statistical data, over 60.000 people have come to Turkey for hair transplantation. This figure is increasing every year. Of course, there are many reasons for this situation. However, first is affordable prices. In the USA and Europe, hair transplant cost is almost twenty thousand dollars. However, hair transplant cost in Turkey in 2019 is almost one-tenth of this figure. But low prices are not the only secret why people come to Turkey for hair implant. The level of expertise and technological opportunities in our country are other advantages. You can see some examples from our site about hair transplant Turkey before and after and you decide how successful we are. Also, İstanbul is an attractive location. Patients coming for treatment also have the chance to know İstanbul.

If you want information about hair transplant İstanbul, you can contact with us. As TroyHair clinic which offer best hair transplant in Turkey 2019, we will be happy to meet you.

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