Although it is thought that transplantation surgery stage is the main concern, the recovery stage is also as important as the surgery process. After deciding to have a hair transplant, beside thinking about where to get it, when to get it is considered. So, which season is suitable for hair transplant? We can say that there is noperfect season for hair transplantation but there are pros and cons for each season.

Why Summer is Not Suitable for Hair Transplant?

In summer, hair can grow much stronger and the blood circulation also reaches its peak. People tend to go summer places and want to get over this process as secret as possible. However, it should be kept in mind that heat is not good for your scalp. Sun can damage the newly planted hair follicles and cause sunburns. Direct exposure to sun and heat waves are bad for your recovery stage, so summer is not suitable for hair transplant. Also, the incisions may get infected from the pools and salt in sea during summer time.

Is Winter Suitable for Hair Transplant?

As we mentioned that summer is not the optimal time for hair transplantation, is winter suitable for hair transplant? In winter, as it can be counted as holiday season, sitting in your warm house after this process will benefit the recovery stage. Avoiding from cold and dry weather is a recommended setting. Also, fall or spring can be suitable seasons for this kind of surgeries. But again, it’s all about the care you are giving.

Regardless of those comments on when to get a hair transplant, the main consideration should be on when the patient will feel ready for it. You can contact us to set a free consultation. After the consultation we can decide the best time for you for your hair transplant surgery. The best time for hair transplant differs for each person regarding the geographical location which he or she lives also.

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