Hair transplantation is known as a surgical process that can be applied to almost everyone in need. However, there are some points need to be considered while deciding on which technique, hospital or surgeon to choose.

Failed hair transplant may occur due to various reasons such as having failures during the transplantation process, the problems caused by the medical team or the individual. If not enough attention is given to this process, in the end, the operation results in failure. 

Factors Leading Failed Hair Transplant

There are numerous factors leading failed hair transplant and some of them are given below:

1) Inexperienced surgeon. They may make mistakes very often while collecting the hairs from the donor area and planting them to desired areas. Unnatural hairline appearance might occur if the hair is transplanted too high or too low from the natural line. Also, loose stitches applied to the scalp might cause problems after the surgery. As the surgeon is connected to the hospital, it is also important to find the correct hospital and see if it meets your needs. Our surgeon is a member of ISHRS. He is one of the most experienced hair transplant doctors in Turkey.

2) Being the right candidate. A person simply may not be suitable for the surgery. To understand that, necessary medical examinations should be done. Hair loss has multiple reasons. Maybe the person is experiencing hair loss due to environmental factors such as stress. That kind of hair loss is not permanent and the person might not even have to undergo a surgical process. Also, picking the right technique according to the needs of the patient is another factor. If the technique is not suitable for the patient, the process will fail.

3) Taking care of the scalp after surgery. Not doing the necessary care after the operation also affects this process.

What Should be Done to Avoid Failed Hair Transplant?

In order to avoid failed hair transplant, patients should search the surgeon well in order not no experience a process with unwanted results. Also, after deciding on the surgeon, one must consider their own needs and expectations from a hair transplant and should consult their doctors about it. Everything should be planned beforehand and on the day of surgery, everything should be ready for a healthy transplantation process. If you have any hesitations about the process or the general working place, do not afraid to ask questions. In the end, it’s your health we are talking about. After the surgery process, the patient should follow the necessary care routines for the scalp. To sum up, if the patient is careful about the process and is wise enough to do a research on the process beforehand, there will be no problem.

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