The hair follicles go through a cycle in the growth period. That cycle includes Anagen, which is the growing phase, Catagen, which is the transition phase, Telogen, the resting phase and the Exogen phase which is shedding of the hair. That cycle determines the healthy structure of a person and each hair follicle has gone through this process. So, why does hair stop growing? When this cycle is disturbed, the hair stops growing. Those factors might be genetics, stress, age, hair breakage, split ends, lack of exercise and healthy diet, thyroid problems and so on.

How to Stimulate Hair Growth?

In order to make the hair regain its growth activity or stimulate hair growth, a hair care routine can be followed. As some factors depend on environmental situations, one can start changing the unhealthy ones.

  • With the help of adequate diet, hair can regain its needed nutritious.
  • As doing regular exercise is beneficial for health in general, it is also good for the hair.
  • Daily scalp massage helps increasing the thickness of the hair.
  • Give your hair a break and do not use heat styling for some time.  
  • Skip shampooing every time you get into the shower, use cold water to rinse the hair and condition your hair as it needs constant hydration.

Hair Growth Products: Do they Really Work?

In addition to the list of things we do to help stimulate hair growth, there are also some hair growth products in the market. The curious question is do they really work? Quality ones are reliable and proven products that prevent hair loss and improve hair growth. Each product focuses on the different part of the hair. While some focus on the scalp health, some try to make hair regain its density and repairs the damages. But it should be considered that there are also plenty of products that are just waste of money and time. Be careful while choosing hair products and be sure that it meets your needs.

Well, we tried to find an answer to question of “why does hair stop growing”. If you still have questions regarding hair growth problems or hair transplantation you can contact us.

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