Hair mesotherapy is the name of the application of medications by micro-injections to the scalp. It is a local treatment that aims to stop hair loss, activate new hair growth and improve the quality of the existing hair. The reason for hair loss or weakening of the hair maybe because of the blood circulation on the scalp is reduced or lack of essential nutrients. This treatment makes the scalp nourished with vitamins and causes no pain.

People who had hair mesotherapy done experience almost no side effects. Some patients may observe swelling, bruising or inflammation on the scalp. One thing to be considered is people with skin diseases, burns, hemophilia patients should be careful and not choose this treatment so that their conditions would not get worse. Also, pregnant or breastfeeding women, cancer patients are not suitable for mesotherapy. Except for them, it is completely trustable and gives you the results you want without hair transplantation involved in the process.

Hair Mesotherapy Iç 1Hair Mesotherapy Advantages

Hair mesotherapy is prepared as a mix of multivitamins, minerals, nucleic acids and amino acids for hair to be stronger and longer. The amount of those substances can be customized according to the patient. It is an effective process compared to externally used medications or herbal oils. Injections make it easier for the scalp to absorb the nutrients and result in a much more efficient way. There is no need for applying anesthesia nor staying at the hospital for days, the process lasts approximately twenty minutes and there is no healing process so, in either way, we can say this is a painless yet effective procedure. Finally, we can say that hair mesotherapy advantages are promising and you may find what you want with this process.

Hair Mesotherapy Costs

Just like any other hair related surgical or non-surgical process, hair mesotherapy costs depend on the medical specialist, the number of the microinjections, the sessions of the process and the place of the clinic center. There are also some extra costs if you decide to have it done in another country. Those are the transportation and accommodation factors. For more information, you can consult your doctor or the clinics that provide this service.

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