Hair transplant is the process of collecting hair follicles from the donor area of the patient and planting them to the desired area of the head. It has various options for different type of needs according to individuals. One operation takes approximately 6 hours and gentle care is needed after the transplantation process. Hair transplant in different countries all have the same various techniques, however, some are much affordable and sanitary compared to others.

Best countries to Get a Hair Transplant

When we say hair transplant, one needs to consider various factors before getting it done. The quality of the work and the technique, affordability, staff, pre and aftercare, accommodation, hospital expenses and more detailed factors should be searched. If we were to list the countries according to the overall cost and technique quality, Turkey comes first on that list. Among best countries to get a hair transplant, there is India with its low costs for transplant procedures and also with low transportation prices.  Later, Poland, as a European country comes next with prices of 20% lower compared to other European countries. Finally, Thailand follows India on that list and as Thailand has a leading role in Asia for medical procedures and cosmetic interventions; it is among the most preferred counties in terms of hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey maintains its leading place in hair transplant procedures due to its experienced surgeons, prices and techniques. First, hair transplant in Turkey is much affordable compared to other countries, not only because of the technique used but the overall surgery process of the transplantation. What we mean by this is, when a person decides to get a hair transplant, they do not only think of the method that is going to be applied but also consider the accommodation, transportation, special surgeon costs etc. Those are the main reasons that a person from abroad chooses Turkey and according to those qualities, the overall price will be affordable compared to other countries. If you want to achieve the desired look for your hair, you should contact us and get the necessary information for your hair transplantation method.

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