Hair plant is a tissue transplantation method. Hair follicles taken from the back of the head are transferred to the opened or completely shed areas. Operations are performed with local anesthesia. The most important point to be considered in the sowing process is that the operation is carried out under the stringent conditions; plastic surgeon, dermatologist or medical aesthetics specialist under the control of the trained health personnel is done as a team. More preferred in hair transplantation are hair follicles located on the back of the head (neck). In men, hair follicles on the back of the neck are less shedding since they are insensitive to DHT (dihydro testosterone). Hair follicles taken from other parts of the body are not shedding and may fall out after hair transplantation.

Hair Plant’s Techniques

Hair Plant Iç

With the development of medical technology, hair transplant success rate has increased and many people prefer this technique to have new hair. Painless and successful processes have led to increase in positive hair transplant reviews. There are two main method: FUE technique and FUT method. As TroyHair, we prefer the FUE technique which is the removal of hair follicles from the donor area between the two ears on the back of the head. Before the hair is removed from the donor area, local anesthesia is applied to the area to avoid pain. The grafts (hair follicles) collected from the donor area are implanted individually in the area to be transplanted. FUE hair plant has changed a lot today compared to when it was first described. Today, p-FUE with micromotor has replaced the first described technique. FUE technique is rarely performed with biopsy needles which we call punch in appropriate cases. In this technique there is no suture scar on the neck. Hair transplant side effects is less. An average of 1 year after the hair is transplanted, in the new region will gain health and strength. So, hair transplant recovery process is very short.

As a result of the use of micromotor in FUE hair transplantation technique, the rate of root transection has decreased to 1% and is now the gold standard. Its use in the world is becoming widespread, but it requires technical skills. Because of the success rate and the strength of the hair follicles taken from the donor area, your hair will not be shed after planting.

If you want to talk about hair plant and its features, as TroyHair we will be happy to inform you about hair transplant Turkey.


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