Hair cloning is a new term which people just hear. However, it has an important role in medical cosmetics. Hair cloning is an exciting development in the treatment of baldness nowadays as many people wonder. It was invented in 2010 and many patients in the USA and in the UK wair for clone hair transplant. In this article, we will talk about what is hair cloning is and how to do it. You may not be able to easily access the correct resource on the topic because it is a new process. If you are curious about the subject, please read this article carefully. Let’s look at what hair cloning is.

What Is Hair CloningWhat is Hair Cloning?

The term hair cloning – A single punch (biopsy) biopsy is performed by culturing and cloning the hair follicle from the donor area of ​​the subject in a laboratory environment. After cloning the hair follicles, it is aimed to complete the operation successfully by implanting the hair follicles into the balding area of ​​the person with the hair transplantation technique currently applied. Hair cloning transplant, literally known as “twinning’’, is the reproduction of one or more collected hair follicles in the laboratory, and, to put it more accurately, is produced.

Tens of thousands of hair follicles are cloned in the laboratory environment from the strong hair follicles to be taken from the neck (about 50 – 100). It is still in the experimental stage. Hair cloning Turkey, UK and USA are the most searched phrases.

Advantages of Hair Cloning

  • With hair cloning technology, a single hair follicle can be sufficient. Because the studies is aimed at the reproduction of a single hair root. In other words, candidates who are not eligible for donor area will be able to have hair transplantation.
  • Since the hair cloning technique can be sufficient for a single hair or several hairs, the hair follicles in the nape of the person will remain in place, i.e the hair follicles in the neck region will be of the same density,
  • As is known, in existing hair transplantation operations, the hair follicles are collected from the donor area and the areas where the hair follicles are collected are diluted. Hair cloning is aimed to prevent this,
  • Besides these; the operation will be less traumatic since the operation will not be done to the neck of the donor region and the duration of the operation will be shortened,
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