Every man wants a full and strong beard look; however, some genes may not be suitable for that. With the help of a beard transplant, people can easily have a dense looking beard. Also, people with beard who experienced local losses of the beard might want to have beard transplantation. Either way, it is a permanent way to regain your beard.

The process can be completed in 8 hours approximately and local anesthesia is used. Just like hair transplantation, the FUE technique is used and with the follicular unit transfer, the plantation is done.

Beard Transplantation Side Effects

As any surgical operation has side effects, beard transplantation has as well. Common ones are; swelling, soreness of the face and scalp, numbness, itchiness and irritation, scabbing and crust on the face, redness and tightness of the face. Most side effects will disappear after a few days of the surgery. However, there may be permanent beard transplantation side effects. Newly planted hair tends to break more as it would not be as strong as your natural hair. Also, the process may leave some marks on you. They would be visible when the beard is shaven.  In order to facilitate the healing process, one should use the recommended creams, avoid direct sunlight, stop smoking and drink alcoholic beverages.

To sum up, the side effects can be minimized with the right surgeon.

Activities to Avoid After Beard Transplantation

The Post beard transplantation stage is as important as the one in hair transplantation. It determines the duration of the beard. The more you care about the post-operative stage, the more your beard grows in a health way. There are some activities to avoid after beard transplantation. Those can be rubbing, touching and scratching the planted area, explosion to direct sunlight, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, swimming, going into steam rooms and so on. In order to promote healthy growth of the beard, gentle care is required.

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