Prp Hair Treatment

PRP hair treatment is to repair hair follicles by producing a PRP vaccine from the patient’s blood. Have a professional PRP treatment with Troy Hair.

PRP hair treatment is a treatment method in which the donor is taken from the patient him/herself, just like in hair transplantation, but by performing blood collection instead of hair follicles. The aim of PRP treatment is to renew diseased or deformed structures and to prevent aging of tissues. PRP hair treatment, which is used in the treatment of various diseases and skin rejuvenation, is also preferred for hair transplantation procedures.

What is PRP?

PRP is the abbreviated version of the words Platelet Rich Plasma and can be described as stem cell studies. The PRP hair treatment process is carried out as follows:

– Blood obtained from the patient

– Centrifuge of the blood

– Injecting the plasma

By centrifuging the blood, the plasma is separated from the red blood cells and the product required for the treatment is revealed. The injection process is carried out through mesotherapy and filling processes and transferred to the damaged tissue area of ​​the patient. A surgical injection needle is used for the transplantation process and the tip of the needle is extremely thin. Thus, the transfer of plasma is carried out and transferred correctly.

Thanks to the PRP treatment, which allows the growth process to occur spontaneously, there is no need for the transfer process as in hair transplantation. The damaged hair follicles of the patient are repaired and hair growth in the bald area is made possible.

Hair Transplant before and after process gains importance in treatment methods such as PRP, which are done with precision and require more meticulous attention. Consumption, sleep and hair washing habits are related to the hair transplant before and after process.  

Troy Hair PRP Treatment Process

When the blood taken from the patient’s body is converted into PRP vaccine, it is injected directly into the hair follicles. This method, which is frequently preferred for hair treatment of women, takes approximately 9 weeks. Depending on the size of the bald area, the treatment takes 2 or 3 sessions. If the treatment will last 2 sessions, 6 weeks is enough to complete the entire treatment. When PRP hair treatment, which can also be used as hair treatment for men, is repeated once a year, the efficiency of the treatment increases. As Troy Hair, we carry out this process in the most hygienic conditions and professionally.